The company you keep can affect your happiness.

If you don’t think the person you choose to date, marry or become friends with can affect your happiness everyday, think again. Even the family members you choose to associate with can affect your happiness. Cutting people off isn’t a negative thing. It’s a necessary thing. I remember when I was younger, I felt compelled to be everyone’s friend and entertain everyone I came in contact with. I couldn’t help it. My personality is to love, accept and help others. As I got older, I realized that fake friendships, forced interactions and unnecessary conversations were not only draining but also affected my happiness everyday. I’m the kind of person who accepts the good and the bad of every individual. Well it took me a long time to realize that not every person has the same heart as I have and when people don’t like you, they treat you very poorly even when you’ve done nothing wrong to them. Do you realize that even your “friends” can dislike you? Those are the ones that backstab you, compete with you and still call you to hang out on the weekends. You may even have family that act very similar to that as well. I think some people feel like they have this necessary obligation to always be close, loyal and forgiving to family. Well people need to realize that there is a difference between family and relatives. A relative is someone you are just related to. Loyalty, love, trust and respect makes them family and they shouldn’t be excused from the disheartening things they do and say just because they are related to you. The choices you make with whom you date and marry have a huge impact on your happiness as well because you interact with them more on a personal level. It’s one thing to be unhappy with your life as an individual but to involve another person in your life full time and have them contribute to your unhappiness doesn’t even make any sense. You can do bad by yourself. When you get older, especially married with children, you become very protective of who you have in your space and who you bring into their lives as well (At least you should be). Happiness and peace are what you should aim for everyday whether you’re married or single. You already have to deal with the stress of everyday life. The last thing you need to be worrying about is your friends and family saying and doing deceitful things or your significant other not acting right. Don’t be afraid to cut people off that bring no value, happiness or peace to your life but instead steal your joy. Keep those scissors handy at all times…

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