Are two parents better than one?

Two parents are great if they are both functional and are in a healthy relationship. Otherwise, one “good” parent can do a great job of raising their child to be happy mentally and emotionally. There are plenty of children that grow up and become very productive who are raised in single parent households and there are children that grow up very dysfunctional in two parent households. It’s all about the quality of the parent(s), not the quantity of how many parents are living in the household.
One thing I’m grateful for when I was growing up was the fact that my mother wasn’t so desperate to keep a man around that she sacrificed the safety and happiness of her children to do so. A lot of people stay in dysfunctional relationships and marriages thinking it’s better for their children to see their parents together. While I do think it’s good for kids to grow up with both parents in the household, I do think this only applies “if” the parents are in a “healthy” relationship and both parents are functional. If one parent is dysfunctional, a drug addict, abusive etc. and the other one keeps them around just for the sake of the “kids”, you’re not only cheating yourself out of being happy but you’re also cheating your kids out of seeing what a healthy relationship looks like and giving them a healthy perspective on relationships and marriage. I always say “one good parent is better than growing up with one or two dysfunctional ones”. Too many people are staying together just so everyone thinks their family is picture perfect but they are secretly suffering behind closed doors. If it’s important to you that your children grow up with both parents, then do your job to make sure you choose the best person to have a child with so you can exhibit unconditional love to your partner. Children learn how relationships work by watching you. The last thing you should want to show your children is to stay in a relationship no matter how unhappy they are. That not only teaches your children that it’s ok to be mistreated by their partner but that it’s also ok to tolerate being mistreated. Don’t be so desperate to maintain the image of having a perfect family that you forget that the goal is to “show” your children what love and respect really is…

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